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Pets looking for a home, April 2017.


Coco is looking for a home

Coco is a one year old male terrier cross. Due to his current owner's poor health, Coco is now looking for a new forever home. He is everything you would expect a one year old terrier to be - very inquisitive, full of energy, outgoing, cheeky, lively and loves to learn new things. He would really enjoy agility or flyball to use up some of his energy and he is very motivated by toys, especially balls of all sizes! Coco loves long country walks and has a good recall when let off the lead, providing there are not too many distractions. He is friendly and sociable with other dogs although he is still learning that not all dogs want to play!

Coco has been attending dog training classes and has learned to sit, stay, wait for his food etc all of which takes a great deal of concentration on Coco's part! Coco is an affectionate dog and likes nothing better that to fall asleep on any available lap after a good walk. He has also learned to settle in his bed when asked. Coco can be left for short periods of time and travels well in the car. He has been neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped and is fully house trained.

If you would like to find out more about Coco and if you would like to meet him, then please call Helen at Sussex Pet Rescue on 01444 400371.

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Lost Cats Brighton

Following the sad passing of Ron Ayres and the loss of their premises, Lost Cats Brighton are not currently able to take in homeless and unwanted cats, but exciting new plans are being made to continue Ron's work. In the short term the charity aims to arrange foster care for cats in need until permanent homes can be found. If you are interested in helping the charity in this way, please see their website In the long term the charity remains committed to finding new premises and welcome all help, both practical and financial.