Pet Insurance

Why pet owners should consider taking out insurance for their pets

Advances in medicine, both human and veterinary, mean we can successfully treat a wider range of illnesses and injuries. Limbs which would once have been amputated are can now be saved with pins and plates. Heart conditions which would have been life-limiting are diagnosed and controlled. Pets with arthritis can live pain-free lives with long term medication and skin allergies successfully kept at bay.

All of these advances cost money, and unlike the NHS, vets do not receive government funding; our patients bear the full cost of treatment at the time of treatment.

Buying pet insurance means that your pet can benefit from the treatment it needs and you won’t be faced with unexpected bills or difficult decisions.

Before signing up to any policy, do read the small print and make sure you are getting the right one for your pet. For example, check which conditions may be excluded, whether there are any excesses to pay, and if there is a maximum amount the insurance company will pay for any one condition.