Pet Health Club

What is a Pet Health Club?

Well, it’s not pet insurance! Pet Health Clubs allow you to pay a fixed monthly amount which covers routine vaccinations, wormers and flea treatments at a discount of 20%. It is also a great way of preventing future health problems in your cats and dogs in a number of ways :

In addition, we discount neutering by 20% which we hope will encourage you to consider whether this is right for your pet. Not only can neutering prevent unwanted pregnancies and unwanted behaviour such as spraying, roaming and aggression, it prevents certain acute conditions such as pyometra (inflammation of the uterus in bitches).

And if that's not enough, new members get a free microchip or £15 voucher if already chipped - we don't want to lose any of our lovely four legged clients! Other benefits include discounts on pet food, prescription pet food, and selected lifetime medications, 10% off dentistry and annual nail clipping.

Please ask any member of staff for more details.