What to do if your pet is having an operation

Please bring your pet in from 8am onwards. Make sure your pet doesn’t eat from 8pm the night before. It is very important that the stomach is empty to reduce the risk of vomiting whilst under anaesthetic. Small amounts of water may be given.

If your cat is due to have an operation it’s a good idea to keep him/her in the night before; very often cats suspect something is going to happen and disappear over the fence at the sight of the cat basket! You will need to provide a litter tray; litter tray kits (tray, liners and litter) are available at both surgeries for £3.50.

Once home after the operation, keep your pet warm and quiet. Feed as recommended by the nurse or vet, and keep cats in overnight in case of problems. Please phone immediately if your pets shows signs of distress.