Newsletter Archive

March 2017 newsletter (pdf)

It's the end of an era at Acorn.

February 2017 newsletter (pdf)

Meet our new vet and read of a sad farewell.

January 2017 newsletter (pdf)

Read about our new Pet Health Club.

December 2016 newsletter (pdf)

Christmas stocking fillers in aid of Lost Cats Brighton.

Autumn 2016 newsletter (pdf)

Find out if your pet is suffering from mobility problems.

September 2016 newsletter (pdf)

Another of our nurses has been named top student at Plumpton.

August 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

Tips on keeping your pets cool this summer.

July 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

Find out how to remove ticks.

June 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

Get a Buddy for your Bunny and go for a nocturnal wildlife walk.

May 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

HK Hedgehogs' Fun Day and finding pet-friendly landlords.

April 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

Find out where to get custom built bunny burrows and where to see lambs this spring.

March 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

Flyball and where to see lambs this Spring.

February 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

Dangers on the beach and microchipping for dogs.

January 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

The most popular cat and dog names.

December 2015 Newsletter (pdf)

Christmas opening hours.