End of life care

We may not like thinking about the sad day when we will have to say goodbye to our pets, but we believe it is best to make decisions now that will be so much harder when we are grieving.


Some people like to bury pets at home, perhaps in the pet’s favourite spot in the garden. Others pefer to use a pet cemetery so that they can visit the grave, even if they move house. The Surrey Pet Cemetery and Chestnut Lodge both offer burial services for pets.


Surrey Pet Cemetary will collect from either Acorn surgery and can offer two options:

  1. Individual cremation; pet are cremated individually and ashes can be returned to the owner or buried in the memorial garden.
  2. Communal cremations; pets are cremated in small groups and the ashes buried in the memorial grounds. Memorial tablets may placed in the flower beds planted over these sites.

Some crematoria perform communal cremations but will return ashes to owners; these ashes may not be entirely those of one animal. Do read the small print to ensure you get the service you want.